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Agile Frameworks and Techniques

Providing greater flexibility, quality feedback, efficiency and speed, reducing the margin of error and risks of the project are just some of the benefits of using the agile frameworks and techniques.

Planning Poker: better and more accurate estimation of effort for the development of the deliverables required by the client.

Daily Meetings: fast daily meetings of equipment coordination, which allows acceleration in the understanding of the work to be performed and a continuous improvement oriented to the quality of the product.

Sprint Demo: customer feedback session. Each repetition of construction of the products includes a detailed review with the clients, about the progress achieved.

Sprint Retrospective: a final review meeting of each repetition, which allows process participants to feed back the process (not the product), identifying what was done well and what in prospective, could improve.

Sprint Planning: sprint planning and analysis meetings, involving the entire agile team and providing the coordination needed to achieve the goals set iteration to iteration.

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