We offer a wide variety of solutions from Consulting, Software Developments and Customization. To help small companies like yours on how to best use technology to meet your business objectives.

Business Consulting

We're here to help you meet your business objectives. So tell us your needs and we'll provide software solutions. We offer solutions to companies of ALL sizes, from family sized to industrial sized.

  • G2 Reports - Custom Dynamic Reports

  • G2 Barcode - Barcode Validation

  • G2 Inventory - Inventory Forecast

  • G2 Warehouse - Warehouse Inventory Control

  • G2 Developers - For Developers

Software Development

We design and develop software for integration between systems, process optimizations, manufacturing controls, purchasing and billing systems, decision support systems, production scheduling, production control systems and all your needs.


  • When QuickBooks is not enough for your day-to-day operations. We develop the software for all your needs, especially for QuickBooks.

  • We develop your systems to be 100% flexible with the intention to put YOU in control of resolving day to day problems now and in the future.

  • We like to make things happen, and we like to give results fast. That is why we love working with small and growing companies.

Knowledge... is having the right answer.

Experience... is asking the right question.

Creativity... is the key to success.

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