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Digitizing Your Company

It is no news that today everyone uses a computer for all kinds of tasks, from writing or keeping a check on personal expenses, to creating presentations or publications on a personal social network.

People have become so used to the use of computers that it is difficult for us to conceive of life without them. The leap into the business world is something more than consolidated. Currently, the vast majority of companies have already digitalized their internal and external processes, and it is very rare to find cases of companies that work 100% manually or "analogically", so to speak.

What is not so strange, especially in certain sectors, is to run into companies that continue to work based on infinite and non-scalable Excel documents; that do not have a web site; and that store all the information in a few computers, often not completely protected against attacks.

Culturally, everything that implies a change in our habits and leaves our comfort zone we do not usually like. When we get used to working in a way, it becomes uphill to start over and learn to work with other resources and tools. On the other hand, another factor that usually exceeds us is the investment that we think has to be assumed. In this sense it is necessary to demystify, although at the beginning it may seem that the digitalization of a company requires a high investment or a long time to learn the management processes, it is demonstrated that the benefits of this decision are multiple and amazing!

We share 9 reasons why digitize your business is the best decision:

1. Increase the speed of data processing: Many tasks are automated, which allows a much faster management. In addition, it is easy to track the processes at all times. It is possible to serve the client in a much more agile way without having to repeat tasks, for example, by entering data.

2. Control of your sales: A fundamental part of the business is the follow-up of the same. Management software allows you to visualize detailed statistics beyond the basics (income and consumption) such as those related to budgets, services, and billing, being able to follow a simple graphics.

3. Increase the image and perception of your company: The image of your business will be perceived as modern and will convey professionalism. Having a good corporate image and to seduce your customers is key.

4. Big Data and Cloud software: Thanks to management programs, you can store at all times in a secure server all the business data and access them, create reports or keep controlled at all times the activity of the company.

5. Customer management or CRM: The computerization of your business allows you to create a database of customers, know who they buy, who buys more and how often.

6. Multi-device: Having access to all the information of your business through different devices makes life easier for you. That is to say, to be able to access the information of your company through desktop, mobile devices, tablets.

7. Implementation of Quality Management Systems: With the implementation in your company of quality software you ensure that you are complying with the requirements of the regulations related to the Quality Management and Computer Security Systems that mark the UNE systems in ISO 9001, 14001.

8. HR Control: You can achieve an easy control of all the actions performed by each of your employees. You can also restrict permissions and extract reports whenever you want.

9. Presence on the Internet: With a good website optimized for SEO and using Digital Marketing techniques, you can reach many potential customers and generate branding and better conversions.

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