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Learning to Program

Programming is the language of the future. Nowadays most schools are adding in their contents subjects that have to do with logic, programming and development. It is not new to know that in recent years the world has evolved at a rapid pace, in different aspects thanks to technology: 3D printing machines, Internet of Things, Nanotechnology, Blockchain, etc ... have changed the way we are used to to live.

This reality represents a great advantage for those who know how to program: it is a competence that today will be useful not only for the computing field but also for all industries, since we are applying technology to everything. In the professional world, in the very short term, it will be practically a requirement to know how to program, in the same way that it happened in the past with the learning of a second language.

Not long before, there was a belief that programming and web development were only geniuses. However, with changes and technological advances, knowledge became more accessible and democratic. Web development became an accessible topic for the vast majority, and every day new initiatives are born to bring all people to the world of information technology. Nowadays it is possible to learn programming through online courses - as well as learn any other activity.

Here are some fun and different learning initiatives:


One of the best known courses for learning programming is Scratch, a program developed by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). This course has animations and designs thinking mainly of children, however it is an excellent tool for those who want to learn to program without age limit. Learn while you create your own video game.

Made with Code

Google could not be left behind with these initiatives of education and technology, so in partnership with Warner Bros decided to create an initiative that unites the learning of web development with the great story of Wonder Woman.


Another initiative with which you can have fun and learn about JavaScript and Python programming languages ​​is CodeCombat. In order to save the world, you will have to guide your army through codes, to fulfill your purpose.

Kahn Academy

One of the advantages of the Kahn Academy is that its courses are in several languages. In addition to having programming courses and digital animation, there are also other interesting courses such as science or mathematics.

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