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What's the Difference Between Front-End and Back-End?

In the field of web development, technologies are technically divided into two, Back-end and Front-end. What are they? It's very simple to explain:


The Frontend are all those technologies that run on the client-person-user side, that is, all those technologies that run on the side of the web browser, generalizing mainly in three very popular languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The Backend (we will explain later) will be necessary so that you can consume data and can correctly structure a layout in HTML and CSS.

Usually FrontEnd is responsible for styling the page in such a way that it is user friendly, friendly and effective for those who use it. There is a User Experience job behind. The Backend will later be responsible for filling the information pages (sometimes) and placing the page on a server, but this is useless if the page is useless.


The Backend programmer is the one that is on the server side, that is, this person works with languages ​​such as PHP, Python, .Net, Java, etc. Is one that is responsible for interacting with databases, verify management of user sessions, mount the page on a server, and from this "serve" all views that FrontEnd creates. A Backend does not do much good if there is not a FrontEnd in between that has been responsible for their tasks.

Also, it is responsible for creating API's so that your data can be consumed comfortably for the Frontend and that can improve the user experience, taking into account the necessary care that you should consider so that your server can stay safe.


In itself, each of the two has its job: FrontEnd sees the client side, and Backend the server side, one can not exist without knowing how the other works

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