Learning About Prototypes

What is a prototype? This is a preliminary version of a design. As such, it allows us to explore our ideas before investing time and money in its development. What is the big win from working with prototypes? There is nothing more efficient and inexpensive than failing fast and learning from the process.

The Evolution of a Prototype:

SKETCH allows showing a layout of an idea. It is the first visual descent of the idea; it is a very basic drawing, usually by free hand. In this one there is no detail in the completions, the definition or the fine details, its purpose is to communicate the general idea to the members of the team.

MOCK-UP is the final design. It is the final deliverable, the user interface where the visual design is applied to the interaction design.

DEVELOP: It is no longer a static representation, but it is possible to navigate to test the product. Its quality varies between medium and high. Because it allows the navigability, it is usually delivered as HTML file, as an animation, or similar.

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