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Meet Programming Languages

When we speak of language we understand it as a set of commands that have the power to transmit a message, that is, to communicate. The same thing we learned in school, is not very different in the computer world. Programming languages ​​could be defined as certain sets of instructions by means of which it is possible to get a computer to perform a certain activity. If you are starting in this wonderful world, you have probably heard about the different programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby and others.

Programming logic: First step to program. The first thing you will have to do is learn about programming logic. What is this? Programming logic is a technique used to create instructions in a certain sequence to achieve some objective, in other words, it is a specific order in which you can give an order to a computer.

Most popular programming languages ​​such as C, Java, C #, Perl, Ruby, or Python, serve to do more or less the same things. Java, for example, is a cross-platform system used for web applications. Ruby also serves to make large web applications, and those of Python also run on Linux or Windows. The fact that the languages ​​are developed on each other means that the syntax between them is often identical or very similar, so learning one of them will make it easier for you to learn the next one. For example, printing the expression 'Hello World' in Java and C # is similar, as it is between Perl and Python.

One last consideration is to keep in mind if you want to program only by Hobby, or you are going to turn this activity into something professional. Next, a small classification of the languages ​​and knowledge most needed according to what part of the programming you want to dedicate:

Server or Back-end Programmer: Python, Rubyy, PHP, Java or .Net. Knowledge of databases and possibly system administration.

Client programmer or Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript. Design knowledge may be necessary.

Mobile programmer: Objective C or Java (for Android). HTTML / CSS for mobile websites. Possible knowledge about servers.

3D or video game programmer: C / C ++, OpenGL, Animation. It is advisable to have a good dose of design and artistic knowledge.

High performance programmer: C / C ++, Java, knowledge in mathematics and quantitative analysis. In the end, there is no single way to get started in the art of programming. The most important thing is to learn the basics, and for this the best thing is to be perseverant and keep trying. The same realization of a specific project or an application that we want to build will be the best teacher during this process.

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