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How to Start a Digital Office

Starting a digital project can often seem frightening, this usually happens because at the beginning we see everything without form. When we are not used to a particular technology, we can't perceive any order, nor is it an easy concept to understand. Therefore we don't know ​​what to do or where to start.

Day by day, whether in your place of work or personal life you face some chaos. It can be confusing situations, related to the structures, processes, and communication in our teams and organizations, or in the way in which they present, sell and deliver products and services.

Let's go through the following steps:

1) IDENTIFY CHAOS Before starting to think about solutions, we need to collect them from all the stakeholder's expectations, how they would define the success of the initiative, which they would consider to be the users, what the project means to them. Then, to the users, what would be their motivations and frustrations. Finally, let's think about how we will differentiate ourselves from what already exists and what our current state is.


Once you meet with stakeholders and users, state the purpose of the project. What is the intention behind this project? What do you want to achieve? First, the way before the how. Communicate correctly the expectations that are going to "attack," what is inside and outside the project.

3) FACE THE REALITY One thing is what we want, and another thing is what we can do. Facing reality implies knowing where we want to go and what we have in our control or scope to achieve it. That is why it is essential to define, among other things: time, resources, skills, company policies, etc.

4) TAKE AN DIRECTION Once the phase of exploring solutions begins, we are going to come up with great ideas that can lead us to another approach that we need to cover.

5) PREPARE TO ADJUST A digital project never ends, it is always alive. Many times the projects fail because they have not had a correct strategy or have not started their projects by asking all the previous questions. What you must generate is an open channel of communication with your stakeholders and users to obtain feedback in a dynamic and prompt manner. That is why it is crucial to involve everyone from the beginning.

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