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Agile Methodologies in Change Management

Agile methodologies are a series of techniques for managing projects that have emerged as opposed to classical management methods. Although they emerged in the field of software development, they have also been exported to other types of projects.

All the agile methodologies considered comply with the following set of principles:

• Individuals and their interaction, above processes and tools.

• Functional software, as opposed to exhaustive documentation.

• Collaboration with the client, above contractual negotiation.

• The response to change, beyond tracking a plan.

It is desired to minimize the impact of tasks that are not absolutely necessary to achieve the project objective. It aims to increase the efficiency of the people involved in the project and, as a result, minimize the cost.

Sometimes we are in a very changing environment where it is not clear the problem to solve, nor the way to do it. In this environment, agile methodologies are the most effective because they incorporate mechanisms of change management that involve less effort.

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