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Internal Leader: Agile Coaching

A good coach understands that his/her role is to foster collaboration and create teams that focus on results, until a culture of delivery, teamwork and continuous improvement in the heart of teams becomes effective.

To achieve this, it is important to work as members of our client's leadership team because experience has taught that successful changes come from a shared vision and an internal leader.

Agile coaching projects are tailor-made, responding to each context. Initially, an evaluation of the additional value that can be generated in the organization is presented, focusing on improvement needs. This enables us to develop a common point of understanding with the client about the main challenges, in order to offer them an action plan in this regard.

These types of projects, with an agile coaching, are more time intensive initially, with the professional working side-by-side with the teams and key people. The relationship is then lowered to weekly or monthly follow-ups where the coach sits with change leaders within the organization to assess progress and identify the following priorities.

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