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Jobs to be Done

A Job-To-Be-Done (JTBD) is a revolutionary concept that aims to guide innovation and help the inventor to go beyond simply improving a current solution. Innovation is a process for finding solutions that meet the unmet needs of customers. A JTBD is neither a product nor a service, it is the highest purpose for a customer to buy a particular product or service. A JTBD seeks to help the entrepreneur understand that a customer does not buy products or services themselves, but a group of these that integrated (the solution) help you to perform a series of jobs you want to do.

The JTBD theory seeks to explain the reason why a product or service is created and why a customer uses this product or service, that is, people buy products or services to carry out a job.

"Most people think of solutions first and then think to themselves if they meet the needs of customers." Tony Ulwick - Creator of JTBD.

A JTBD is a guide to think beyond the competitors' current solutions and innovate. It is a framework that allows understanding

• Why do people buy certain products?

• What do they need from these products to be satisfied?

A JOB is a struggle to bring about change for the better.

TO BE indicates that resolving a conflict is evolutionary

The conflict is DONE when it is resolved, life is better and the client can do things that he/she could not do before.

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