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How To Manage Your Time

Maybe at some point in your life, you have taken lessons in time management, read some other book on the subject, or used different types of technological tools or an agenda to organize, prioritize and schedule your day. However, sometimes you feel that the day is not enough ... Why? These systems you learn are designed to handle time-based on clock time, and clock time is irrelevant. You do not live in the time of the clock, you live in real time. A world where time flies if you're having fun or slow when you do things you do not like ... real-time is mental!

Practice the following techniques to become a master of your own time:

1) Take an agenda with you and write down all your thoughts, conversations and activities for the week. This will help you understand how long productive activities take you and how long those unproductive actions take.

2) Any activity or conversation that is important to your success must have an assigned time. If necessary, create events in your calendar to reserve that time.

3) Plan at least 50% of your time based on the thoughts, activities, and conversations that produce the most results.

4) Schedule your interruptions. Plan also time to relax.

5) Take the first 30 minutes of each day to plan it. Do not start the day if you have not completed this task.

6) It takes 5 minutes before each call or event to figure in your mind what result you expect. Also, take 5 minutes after it is finished to determine if you have reached the desired goal.

7) Put a "do not disturb" notice when you have to finish something.

8) Practice not answering the phone just because it sounds or the emails simply appear.

9) Block distractions from Facebook or any other social network.

10) Remember that it is impossible to finish everything.

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