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Product Thinking

"Building features is easy, building the right features for the right people is challenging" - Nikkel Blaase. The ideology of design-thinking affirms that a practical and user-centered approach to problem solving can generate innovation, and that innovation can lead to a differentiation and a competitive advantage. This practical and user-centered approach is defined by the design-thinking process.

Where can we place the figure of Product Thinking? The kickoff is developed keeping in mind that the user comes first:

PROBLEM: What problem or what need are we solving? TARGET AUDIENCE / TARGET: Who are we doing this for?

The work that must be done (Job-to-be-done).

VIEW: Why are we doing this? STRATEGY: How are we going to do it?

About the results:

OBJECTIVES: What do we want to achieve? CHARACTERISTICS: What are we doing?

When we talk about Product Thinking, we are interested in approaching a product definition from this perspective:

What it your product?

In order to __________ (Vision), our product will solve __________ (Target Audience) problem of __________ (User Problem) by giving them __________ (Strategy). We will know if our product works, when we see __________ (Goal).

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