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The Benefits of Implementing Agile Methodologies

Interaction, flexibility and speed have become a necessity in the management of computer projects. Today, technology and communication are advancing at a considerable speed, which means that the management of computer projects must reach the speed of changes brought about by this acceleration.

The Agile Methodology is a methodological framework of work that proposes to improve efficiency in production and quality of final products. It has the capacity to respond to change in products and their definitions, and provide the greatest possible satisfaction to the customer, through early delivery and continuous feedback during product construction.

By using agile processes for project management, different benefits are perceived for the client:

• Flexibility in process and product definitions: allows the development team to adapt to changes and benefit from them in favor of the customer.

• Continuous customer feedback: the customer receives valuable deliverables at an early stage, allowing progress to be made constantly, thus providing the necessary equipment for the team to build in the right direction.

• Constant interaction: key when it comes to reassuring the customers about the advances of the product they will receive.

• Improved Quality: agile development practices and their constant interactions provide enough functionality to meet customer expectations with high quality. Quality is integral to the process.


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